1. Era un otoño de verdad. Un otoño en Paris. 

  2. Cubbyhole

    1. A snug or cramped space or room.
    2. A small compartment.
    3. A category, especially an overly restrictive one.

    [From cub, pen, hutch (perhaps from Flemish cubbe, from Middle Flemish) + hole.]

  3. She’s in fashion

  4. Home made studio. Quick takeaway.

  5. Feltham’s not ALL bad, d’you know…

  6. It’s moving day, yay.

  7. and yet a small chance of success makes it all worth it.

  8. There’s always a possibility we might fail

  9. It’s the hard knock life for us

  10. Hell hath no fury

  11. Close Encounters

  12. Counter-culture

  13. Best o’Holidays (prt Two)

  14. Best o’Holidays (prt One)

  15. Communication is power.